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  • SENTINEL HILL "Demo 2019": CD
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Sentinel Hill writes extremely catchy songs powered by strong melodies and heavy ass riffage. These guys are the real deal.

  1. Already Broken
  2. Uninvited
  3. Stones Unturned
  4. The Silence At Last (acoustic)

Sentinel Hill - Charlie Sad Eyes - Guitar / Vocals Aaron SevenZeroEight - Bass Rob Birkbeck - Drums

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Scuzzy Yeti plays heavy handed rock & roll with nods to 70s progressive rock, psychedelic and hard blues. Originally formed as a recording project in 2015, it soon morphed into a live band by early 2016. Original singer Nate Keyes was replaced by Chris Wells that Spring and they spent the summer playing local NH and regional shows. In October they recorded 5 songs at Sonelab in Easthampton, MA with Justin Pizzoferrato(Dinosaur Jr., Elder) which was released in early 2017 as their self titled EP.

"Retro-rock, proto-metal call it what you like, it doesn't really matter what tag you want to pin on Scuzzy Yeti. Good music is good music and this is good music." -Frazer Jones (Desert Psychlist)

"They sound like their name suggests. This is steeped in Proto-blues and basted with bong water low and slow in a gristled serving of hard and heavy vintage rock and roll." -The Huntsman (The Ripple Effect)

"Right from the get go with the opening track this album kicks off with a running start. It is not often that an album hits me so hard, The way this did. With a heavy heart, crushing vocals, and masterfully orchestrated instrumentals, Scuzzy Yeti shines bright and gives us a mere taste of what they're capable of." William Gaylor-(ViaOmega Underground)

"That's what she said. I also agree. This is enormous! The girthy vocals penetrate deep with brute groove. The proto-stoned power metal meets scuzzy biker blues will leave you begging for more." Bucky Brown-(Ripple Music)

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