Ol' Time Moonshine's "The Apocalypse Trilogies is officially released.  The boys played to a packed hometown crowd in Toronto, Canada this past Saturday to celebrate.  Get your copies in the store - click the picture below to take you there right now!  Be sure to check out our other releases and the distro.  Thank you for your support!  

Image Credit: Travis Stewart

Image Credit: Travis Stewart

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Ol' Time Moonshine - The Apocalypse Trilogies is available for pre-order now!  Clink the album cover above to go directly to the store and get your copy now!


Lots and lots of big things going on!  Scissorfight and Buzzard Canyon have new videos and records in release, Cortez and Ol' Time Moonshine have new records going up on preorder soon, and all 4 met up in Bloomfield, VT to rock the plaster from the rafters of The Chürch.  
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For immediate release:  

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The end of the world soon approaches and it all begins with a bite from a space werewolf!  That's right... A space werewolf! And things are about to get real heavy. 

SALT OF THE EARTH RECORDS is intensely proud to be welcoming Toronto’s riff firing heavy hitters OL’ TIME MOONSHINE to the family! 

Ol' TIME MOONSHINE's brand new album “The Apocalypse Trilogies” was recorded at the capable hands of Dave Draper, a film sound technician, microphone enthusiast and tone hound.  Capturing the essence of the band’s heavy live sound while still incorporating the dark, layered melodies that grace their debut, the album’s 12 tracks show the band progressing into new territory without abandoning the foundation of their sound. 

An album filled with unforgiving riffs that hold captive to whiskey scorched vocals...combine that with a thunderous rhythm section... Ol’ TIME MOONSHINE hits like a freight train and doesn’t let up!  

Conceived as THE trilogy of trilogies about the apocalypse, the album is presented in the style of classic, horror and sci-fi anthologies and features Ol’ Time Moonshine’s potent and distilled blend of doom, southern rock and heavy metal.  Lyrically, it spins tales of the end of humanity - annihilation comes via space werewolf, pagan goddess, and ancient magick.  While the songs share common themes, the album is diverse in scope and sound and fans of heavy music will find tons to sink their teeth into here. 

“The Apocalypse Trilogies” will be released through SALT OF THE EARTH RECORDS in late 2016. 


Bill Kole (vocals, guitar) 

Brett Savory (drums)

Chris Coleiro (guitar) 

John Kendrick (bass) 


For immediate release!

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SALT OF THE EARTH RECORDS is proud as all hell to announce the signing of Boston riff lords CORTEZ!  This veteran group of heavy rock fuzzdealers have really outdone themselves with their latest offering... "The Depths Below".  Truth be told, this album is going to knock you on your ass!  All killer, zero filler.  Track after track of sonic bliss.

Having built up a loyal fan base both stateside and abroad over their decade plus of existence, CORTEZ have really honed their craft and brought their rawk game to a whole new level.  Crushing tones, killer hooks and creative dynamics are skillfully woven throughout this blistering nine song release... "The Depths Below" is guaranteed to sink it's teeth into you on the first listen.

"The Depths Below" was recorded and mixed by studio guru Benny Grotto (Scissorfight, Aerosmith, Only Living Witness) at Q Division, Mad Oak Studios and Moontower Recording Studio.  You'll want to blast it from the largest of speakers as well as listen to it repeatedly on headphones.  There is so much packed into these mountain-sized grooves!

So, with that, we welcome CORTEZ to the SALT OF THE EARTH RECORDS family - with open arms and riff pummeled eardrums!
Cortez press photo by bruce bettis

Some photos from the Buzzard Canyon video shoot!

SALT OF THE EARTH RECORDS proudly announces the signing of...BUZZARD CANYON!!!

The sixty cycle hum of a tube powered stack bellowing through the silence. The deafening roar of a 454 throwing power at some winding dirt road up riff mountain. This is full fledged Camaro rock.

BUZZARD CANYON have been amassing a loyal following, delivering massive riffs and gigging tirelessly - performing on notable stoner and doom fests throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic and direct support slots for national acts.  With the impending release of "Hellfire & Whiskey" this September, 2016,  Buzzard Canyon will be expanding their reach and broadening their audience via an onslaught of road work; bringing the loud to the stage. Be prepared. They are coming for you.

Recorded in the back woods of Connecticut at Room SevenZeroEight, Buzzard Canyon's "Hellfire and Whiskey" holds heavy grooves, whiskey fueled lyrics, dual vocals and rippin' Thin Lizzy-esque twin guitar harmonies. It winds through twisting dirt roads, oceanic battles and dark internal struggle.  An instant classic that will connect old and new fans.

Coming September 2016 on Vinyl, CD and digital formats.

Check out the new single Soma' Bitch:

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From the majestic peak of Mt. Washington, it is with great pleasure we announce this stupendous news!!!  We have signed New Hampshire maniac riff hurlers SCISSORFIGHT!!!  That's right!  The almighty SCISSORFIGHT have re-emerged from a secret location in the northern notches of the White mountains, with Doug Aubin on vocals and Rick Orcutt on drums, alongside founding members Paul Jarvis and Jay Fortin.  New blood, new tales and an unquenchable thirst for riffs and volume, they are better then ever!  SCISSORFIGHT have covered many miles over the years, and it is obvious that they are running with a full tank of race fuel feeding their fully blown and antlered F250 monster truck...  These new songs are UNSTOPPABLE...  We have booked Mad Oak Studios to help capture the band in all its sonic mountain glory. Hopefully the walls can withstand the blunt force riffage.  Music this good has an urgency and a fire that has to be heard to be believed. So get fucking ready for the new SCISSORFIGHT release.... "CHAOS COUNTY"

Its goddamn true... the 'fight is on! 
Scissorfight are back!! Coming soon on Salt of the Earth Records

Scissorfight are back!! Coming soon on Salt of the Earth Records

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